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August 31, 2014
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Be On A Safer Side While Traveling With Single Trip Insurance!

Single trip insurance is a perfect option for infrequent or occasional travelers. If youre going on a short business trip or planning an overseas vacation with your family, you must consider buying a cover for your travel. Do not underestimate the importance of an insurance policy when youre traveling. Although it is not necessary that youll meet some unforeseen mishap but unfortunately if you meet any, an insurance plan covers all your financial losses.

Insurance policies these days, are customized according to specific needs of individuals and hence do not cost much. They are very affordable and cover a range of financial losses arising from unexpected mishaps such as accidents, personal injuries, illness, damage, loss or theft of your belongings including money, baggage, camera, jewelry, passport, sports equipments, laptop, mobile, watch and any other important documents, trips delays and cancellation, missed, delayed and cancelled flights, medical expenses, ambulance expenses, emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Single travel insurance policies are specifically tailored according to the required coverage. This depends upon individual to individual and the risks and uncertainties associated with their traveling. In order to take maximum advantages of an insurance policy, it is important to understand the risk associated with you while traveling. Carefully assess your risks before purchasing any insurance plan. It gives you an idea what needs to be covered and what doesnt.

Single trip insurance UK is easily available for UK residents. These days, market is flooded with several local, national and international insurance companies. The need is to conduct a market research and find out a genuine insurer who can provide you with exactly what you require. Additionally, there should be clarity upon the issues and terms and conditions of the insurance contract.

In order to find a reliable insurer, conduct an online research and find out the list of national and international insurers. It is wise to ignore local insurer as you cant rely on them. Contact them for their online insurance quotes and compare them. Shortlist two or three policies that you think are offering maximum coverage at minimum price. You can also negotiate further if possible. Choose the best among the available options.

August 22, 2014
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Holiday Safe Traveling Tips To Avoid Auto Accidents From The Sam Bernstein Law Firm

As the holidays approach, the Sam Bernstein Law Firm would like to advise safety tips for travelers making long trips to visit family and friends. Traveling in the snow and other icy conditions can present driving challenges.

According to the National Safety Commission, 90 percent of traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday will be by car. Follow a few tips for safe driving to avoid a car accident this holiday season:
Slow down more than usual, and leave room between your car and the car in front of you. Your car may need more time to stop completely when suddenly breaking.
Don’t drink and drive – even buzzed driving can impair your judgment and cause a car accident.
Fatigued driving is also unsafe. The National Highway Safety Administration says fatigue is a factor in 12.5% of crashes that result in hospitalization. The NSC recommends stopping every 2 hours, or 100 miles.
Give yourself more time when scheduling trips to avoid speeding – or travel on off-days, such as the Tuesday before Thanksgiving instead of Wednesday. Often traffic may add another hour to the trip. Check road conditions and the traffic report to find the best possible route.

Being prepared in case of an emergency is also key to preventing injuries and death. Pack an emergency snow kit in your car trunk with a snow scraper/brush, flashlight, blankets, booster cables, a shovel, a bag of sand for tire grip, flares and a first aid kit. Remember to bring a cell phone and car charger, but be sure to pull over before using it to avoid distracted driving.

Bring your automobile to a mechanic and have it winterized before traveling. Have a certified mechanic check your oil level, tire pressure, windshield wipers, heater, defroster, antifreeze, and brakes.

Unfortunately, preventive measures may not always prevent a motor vehicle accident. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a Michigan auto accident, talk with an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer.

August 21, 2014
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The Kivotos Hotel nominated by Greek Conde Nast Traveler Awards

The Kivotos Hotel located in Ornos, Mykonos has been listed by Conde Nast Greece as one of the best hotels in the Cyclades, Greece. With its range of luxury facilities and services and elegant accommodations, the Kivotos Hotel looks like it will be an extremely strong contender this year. Conde Nast Traveler Hellas is, once again, voting for the best islands and hotels in Greece. Although the magazine runs several industry-recognised awards, the most important is considered to be the -Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Awards’ where readers have the opportunity to vote on the destinations and hotels of their choice. The Kivotos Hotel on Mykonos Island has been included and has been listed under hotels in the Cyclades. With a wealth of globally recognized hotels in the region, this year’s voting is sure to be a rollercoaster ride. However, with its all enveloping luxury that is found throughout its stunning accommodations, no two of which are the same which cascade down the hillside into Ornos Bay, the Kivotos offers its guests the very best during their stay on this world famous island. Facilities and services are also world class where every whim and desire is eagerly catered towards by friendly and discreet staff. Whether enjoying their renowned breakfasts, an expertly made cocktail by the pool or dining under the stars at night, the Kivotos Hotel provides moments of absolute bliss. Yacht charters on the Kivotos Hotel’s own boat can be arranged in addition to other VIP services; a display no doubt, of how the VIP traveler can be discretely catered towards. Indeed, the Kivotos Hotel on 25.05.2010 was named one of the ten best beach hotels in Europe by Conde Nast Traveler which recognized that the hotel’s private beach is one of the most beautiful on Mykonos. All one really needs to do now, is vote for this very special property; a property which has set the bar for luxury living on the most cosmopolitan of islands.

August 19, 2014
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Top iPhone Apps for the Busy Traveler

Traveling can be made a whole lot easier when you have a wealth of useful, up-to-date, and searchable information in the palm of your hand. This is basically what the iPhone provides, with its multitude of traveler-friendly applications that can help you get around town easily and on schedule regardless of where it is you’re going. The following are some of the most useful iPhone apps for the busy traveler.

MoMPF Currency Converter $0.99 This currency converter lets you save in the exchange rates of over 30 different currencies in your iPhone, so that you can convert money without having to unnecessarily incur international data roaming costs.

Flight Status $4.99 With this app, you can always keep informed as to the arrival and departure times of all your flights. Flight Status lets you search travel itineraries by flight number, route number or airport. Get instant access to delay information and cancellation status, as well as, ETAs, baggage claim information and en-route maps.

Flight Update $4.99 Flight Update has a some useful additional features and a very user friendly interface. It allows you to view seating arrangement charts as well as meal information for your flight. You can look at the information for flights many months in advance.

Yelp Free You’ll never be at a loss with this handy iPhone app. It helps you find and get directions to Newark airport parking, nearby cafs, gas stations, pubs, restaurants, and other points of interest. Yelp provides you with quick-links to local spots and gives you the ability to browse users reviews online.

AroundMe Free This is another location finder with one of the most easy-to-use interfaces around. Locations are arranged by category and you can also create your own -favorites- category for easy access in the future. AroundMe provides you with maps and the best routes to take.

Lonely Planet Phrasebook $9.99 each The Lonely Planet Phrasebooks are hands down the best language apps available. The app for each language is sold separately, which can seem somewhat pricy, especially when you consider all the free language apps available. But once you see what they provide, you’ll know why. Lonely Planet gives you fully voiced lessons and exercises, arranged by categories.

August 18, 2014
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Pros And Cons Of Traveling With Travel Agency And By Your Own.

When you decide to go somewhere on vacations the first question you are faced with is how to organize your trip. At least, you need tickets and accommodation. However, if you are going abroad, the situation becomes more complicated. You will need visa, foreign passport and a little bit of information about a country you are coming to. The citizens, living and traveling inside European Union borders are in better position. They are free to visit any EU country without any additional document and visas. But let’s imagine you have chosen a country where you need visa. Well, now it’s time to make some preparations for your trip. At first, whether you trust organizing your trip to a travel agency, or organize it by your own. If you choose the first variant:
1)Convenience. You don’t have to besiege embassy and wait in long queues. You don’t need to worry about buying tickets and booking hotels.
2)Price. Sometimes travel agencies have special agreements with hotels and the price becomes cheaper. The same thing can be said about avia and train tickets.
3)Comfort in the country of destination – you are mostly provided with transfer to hotel and the representative of the agency can solve any of your problems.
4)Your vacation is organized. You have a choice of excursions; you’ll be shown the best shops and the most interesting attractions.

1)Unfortunately, not all the agencies can be relied on, some of them disappear with the client’s money.
2)Some people don’t like to be limited – by excursions, by return tickets or by the necessity of staying in the hotel they’ve chosen.
3)It’s not always cheap – often the excursions, offered by the agency representatives are more expensive than in other places in the city.

If you choose the second variant, you should be prepared to some problems, but of course, this variant has its light sides too.

1)You are free to choose there and when to go. You are free to change you hotel of your return ticket.
2)You are most likely to see the places, not shown to usual tourists.
3)It’s a kind of challenge. Can’t imagine your holyday without risk and adrenaline? So, this variant is for you!
4)You can seek and find a cheaper variant and not just accept what the agency offers.

1)Once again – risk. You are not quite safe when traveling alone in the foreign country. Nowadays you are not quite safe anywhere, but still…
2)It causes some problems in the stage of organization – getting a visa can be a trouble. Interview, invitation and a lot of documents – all this can be inevitable. So, prepare to waste some time and nerves.

Anyway, the choice is yours.