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September 30, 2014
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Pharos Traveler 137 – Pharos Traveler 137 3g Gps Unlocked Phone

Pharos Traveler 137 Difficult to Use and Most Non-Standard of Headphone Jacks

In sum: If you want coverage independent navigation or T-Mobile 3G, you may consider this Pharos Traveler 137, but you must live with Windows Mobile and the most non-standard headphone jack imaginable.

Pharos Traveler 137 Pros:

1. Offers T-Mobile 3G on my grandfathered plan, though the coverage is spotty.
2. Nice screen–480×800. Feels good in hand. Nice form factor.
3. Decent sound in speakers after load Pocket Player. Sounds poor with Windows Mobile player.
4. Includes Opera 9.5 browser.
5. Sbp interface included. Quite glossy and graphical interface overlay. But takes work to set up and is flakey at times.
6. Some nice third party software can improve matters, such as Pocket Player, which has better sound and a resume function for audio books. Kinoma also is good and includes Audible integration.
7. The Pharos navigation software has ugly and dated graphics but does include turn by turn directions, and is not dependent on the wireless connection. A 2 gb navigation card in included, but this can be transferred to a card with more more memory. The gps was not as sensitive as advertised, but not too bad–it did pick up a signal in my tree lined street.
8. Is said to be able to be used as a modem. Haven’t tried this yet.

Pharos Traveler 137

Pharos Traveler 137 Cons:

1. The most non-standard USB headphone jack I could imagine. I thought, at least, I could use HTC or Motorola Razr headphones or jacks. No. HTC jacks will not fit in the phone, and the Motorola USB jacks yield no sound. This is quite an outrage.
2. A close second for bad–Windows Mobile. The level of frustration which this OS presents is incredible at this stage in mobile development. It takes days to try to set up the phone to work in some reasonable way. The OS is slow and the stock programs are poor. The browser is bad–Opera is much better. The Media Player is horrible–the sound, compability and functionality. It will hardly play any videos. The freeze ups are common–many times per day with constant use.
3. A close third for terrible–the keyboard implementation. The biggest problem–if you touch the on-screen keyboard even a millisecond too long, you get multiple character entries. After using the iPhone, this is very annoying. Also, although it includes a nice sbp keyboard, it pops up inconsistently.
4. The touch screen functionality is poor; it is either too sensitive (selecting what you don’t want) or not sensitive enough.
5. The accelerometer is flakey, being delayed in switching between landscape and portrait or flashing back and forth.
6. The jury is still out, but battery life seems very poor.
7. Many programs don’t work–Mobipocket for books (a shame with the big screen); the divx player; and many others I tried to load.

September 25, 2014
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International Traveler Luggage

Recently, traveling light is essential. Not simply do you may have a worry free travel but you save a whole lot of airplane fuel (in case you will probably be traveling by plane) which might save you a whole good deal of money. When traveling light, it is important which you choose to not just pack up light clothes and light objects but you also really should use a luggage that can be light too.

The point is normally that luggage sets is often quite heavy on their own for that reason when you desire to travel light; you can have to unique a luggage set that may very well be also lightweight. Should you happen being receiving ready for any crucial trip, acquiring a light luggage is often difficult. Nevertheless, ought to you read luggage reviews, it may well just make your quest somewhat bit simple.

In case you may possibly are actually reading a lot of luggage reviews, by now you may have encountered the brand called International Traveler Luggage. The question now is what does this brand obtained to finish in addition to your search for the top and lightest travel luggage set? The reply is anything!

The International Traveler Luggage is regarded as the world’s lightest luggage. Despite the fact that you just could employ a really wonderful deal of queries regarding the good good quality with the luggage, you might be moving to not ought to worry since the company have already been approximately for some time certainly hence you can be assured which they’ve a reputation of creating lightweight luggage which may be also really durable in addition as incredibly straightforward to store from the closet.

A unique excellent issue regarding the International Traveler Luggage is the fact which they’ve innovative designs therefore in the event you’re hunting to put together a luggage that are incredibly trendy and hip, you then absolutely is going to be happy with this unique brand. For that other hand, this brand also creates classical designs that could match your necessities.

The brand is well-known for making lightweight designs. On accounts of this, the company has created special collections that happen to be dependant on its lightweight characteristics. For this motive, a fantastic deal of of us have opted to determine on it due to its comfort and style. The truth is, there’s almost almost nothing within current market that competes whilst by using market that this exclusive brand occupies.

September 24, 2014
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Traveling Muse

Musicians, especially touring musicians, travel a lot. And I mean a lot, since that is their primary source of income. As a musician myself, I remember what it was like when I had to hustle to book gigs, find the nearest hotel accommodations, and still have the time to call or surf around to haggle for the cheapest plane tickets. On top of that, if my hotel stay was not located close to the gig, I had to pay even more for taxi cabs to drive me to the rehearsals and ultimately to the show.

I dont do gigs anymore but Im certainly involved in the music business and still see the value in what Coastal Vacations offers. There are music events and showcases all year-round, all globe-round. And to get my networking on, I need to get to those venues and see what I can do to expand my business (and maybe even my chops!). Theres the Winter Music Conference in Florida, the Kauai Music Festival in Hawaii, the daily club sessions in Ibiza, Spain, and performance rights-hosted (e.g.s ASCAP and BMI) showcases all over, just to name a few.

Going to these events would obviously cost me a grip if I decided to purchase all my travel items and amenities one-by-one. And what Im able to see with Coastal Vacations is that I dont see it as a stand-alone product; its not just to enable you to travel at affordable costs. Secondly the business opportunity seems ripe for the coming onslaught of this global village, and where traveling from country-to-country will soon be as seamless as driving from your home to your local grocery store. But whats most important to me is that I get to travel for business within a business. Are you able to follow me?

Im able to work on Coastal Vacations for about 3 hours a day, use the complimentary and discounted travel benefits for my music business travels (and for pleasure, of course!), and spend the rest of my time working on non-travel related aspects of my music business. Thats 2 birds which frees up more time for me to work on the third bird with 1 stone! And that is what the value of Coastal Vacations means to me.

Very much like what musicians earn from the exploitation (this is actually a good term used in the music industry) of their songs or recordings while on the road, the residual income that comes with Coastal Vacations can be heaven sent. Be it on a plane, a boat, or a car, youre still getting paid while traveling. I must say, my fellow cats and musicians, this business and ours have quite a lot in common.

September 21, 2014
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Stay Fit While Traveling

Stay fit while traveling

By Tami Lindahl

Summer is here and vacations are just around the corner. You have worked so hard to achieve that beach body here are some tips to keep you on track while you travel.

1. First of all you are on vacation and you are not trying to get fit you are just trying to stay fit so your workouts can be shorter. Just getting 10 to 20 minutes in can really keep you on your program. The longer we go without exercise the less we want to do it so as long as you get a little bit in while on vacation, the easier it will be to get back into your routine when you return home!

2. Are you planning any tours? Rather than take the bus tour go for bike tours or walking tours. Look for more activities that keep you moving, like kayaking, paddle boats, snorkeling, volleyball, Frisbee or even swimming. Isn’t being able to do these things the reason we exercise anyway?

3. If you are in a hotel room that has a coffee maker try doing your exercises just long enough to brew a pot of coffee. It doesn’t seem like much but trust me if you are doing jumping jacks or push-ups the entire duration it takes to brew the coffee you may want to skip the coffee and head straight for the shower!

4. Bring your fitness book or magazine with you. Chances are if you’re on vacation you’ll be laying by the pool or ocean and will get a chance to read. If you are reading the fitness book it will help keep you inspired to eat right and get your exercise in! 5. Have a “splurge meal” once in a while … just not every meal. Be aware of the fried foods, high fat sauces, and heavy desserts. One or two won’t hurt, but if you have them at every meal you can easily undo all the hard work you put in at home

Have a great time and I’ll see you at the gym when you get back.. For more info or any questions on in-home personal training, or weight management coaching by phone, call me today: 661-312-4239 or visit: www.TamiLindahl.com

September 21, 2014
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Traveling And Telecommunication

From the beginning of time, communicating while on the move has been a difficult task. Whether moving armies or products, the ability to communicate during travel is a pressing need. Travel has always meant a loss of personal contact during a journey, at stopovers, and even during a period of readjustment after reaching the final destination. It is not surprising then that developing techniques for communicating at all times would be of such critical importance. And with the advent of wireless technology, people have begun to discover ways to fulfill this need.

The first telecommunications devices with mobile capability came around the turn of the 20th Century with the invention of the wireless telegraph. Mobile technology boomed again in the period between World War I and World War II, with the invention of the radio telephone. But until the creation of the first rudimentary transistor, the technology was hampered by bulky hardware and outrageous costs. One downfall of this was that the new technology could only be utilized by the military, specifically in the areas of sea and air transport.

Technicians figured out that by spreading out frequencies, low enough to achieve extensive coverage, they could provide easier and cheaper mobile communications. But still the technology could only allow only for a limited number of simultaneous transmissions, and the quality of those transmissions was not all that great. Only advances in microelectronics and especially in microwave integrated and hybrid circuits, made it possible to move the frequency up. This opened the door to cellular telecommunications systems, which require the help of powerful computer programming.

Today, cellular phones offer general access to communication in practically any type of vehicle. Although coverage areas may vary greatly, the cell phone has become an indispensable device for travelers looking to stay in contact. The 21st Century has seen the proliferation of the mobile telephone, as well as the development of a range of personal communication devices.

More time is spent by people traveling, whether for business or personal reasons, than almost any other activity except sleeping. In previous times, this was simply wasted time. Now, this travel time is made incredibly productive by the use of mobile communications technology. How many hours were wasted in traffic jams, airport waits, or other commuting headaches? Now, that time can be put to good use thanks to mobile telecommunications, which allow these moments to become productive. Now that high-performance mobility technology is available and relatively affordable to a substantial section of the population.